Xfce, lightdm starting really slowly

I have run into problems with my Xfce desktop in combination with lightdm – when logging in, it took a really long time for the desktop to appear, after entering my password. I did have the impression that it went fast if I moved my mouse around to all edges of the screen. This isĀ #910631, and is simply solved by removing the gnome-keyring package, which isn’t very useful on a Xfce system anyway.

Am I running wayland?

Every now and then I need to ask “Am I running wayland?”.

The simplest check is to first get your session ID:


And then:

loginctl show-session <session ID> -p Type

Which should give a clear answer.

Hello world!

I am back at blogging – I have realized that I need a blog to express myself. I guess that this blog (as last time) will focus on programming, but don’t be surprised if I mention music, movies or any other of my interests here.