Debian activities

Geeqie upstream released 1.4 about a year ago, and after packaging that in Debian, I first cherry-picked patches that fixed Debian bugs, and made new Debian releases, but when the number of patches increased, I simply packaged git snapshots from upstream. There are some upstream discussions about releasing a 1.5 version, but since the freeze of Debian is starting to get closer, I have packaged another git snapshot (now from 20190106), which makes us have a somewhat fresh Geeqie in Debian, even if the Geeqie 1.5 release is after the freeze is in effect.

SciTE 4.1.3 is scheduled for January 10th, so that is in good time to get released before the Debian freeze.

Xfce, lightdm starting really slowly

I have run into problems with my Xfce desktop in combination with lightdm – when logging in, it took a really long time for the desktop to appear, after entering my password. I did have the impression that it went fast if I moved my mouse around to all edges of the screen. This isĀ #910631, and is simply solved by removing the gnome-keyring package, which isn’t very useful on a Xfce system anyway.

Am I running wayland?

Every now and then I need to ask “Am I running wayland?”.

The simplest check is to first get your session ID:


And then:

loginctl show-session <session ID> -p Type

Which should give a clear answer.

Hello world!

I am back at blogging – I have realized that I need a blog to express myself. I guess that this blog (as last time) will focus on programming, but don’t be surprised if I mention music, movies or any other of my interests here.