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I am a programmer living in Sweden -

I have several free software programming projects active, amongst them my project manager for the SciTE editor - SciteProj. Other projects are GusGame and GusGui which are game libraries that I intend to use with my Dungeon Master clone DotG, they are basically DotGs graphics and GUI code lifted out to projects of their own. My latest project is Devilspie2, a continuation of Devilspie, and is a window matching utility which helps to make rules which are applied on windows, allowing a whole lot of customization. Devilspie2 has its source availible on Savannah. All these projects are released as Free Software using the GPL or LGPL license.

Most of my projects I have made available on Savannah., but I still have some projects on github. I prefer Savannah or another source repository because of this.

Regarding SciTE, I have made a small page containing hints and tips for customizing it.

An overview of my contributions to Debian - the universal operating system - can be found here.

My public GnuPG key is 4096R/B2DA2888.

And last, but not least - If you cannot get enough of my poetical handling of the written english language, visit my blog. Or you can read my twitter @gusnan1.

email: gusnan (at) openmailbox (dot) org
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